Le Centre Agricole, passionate about agricultural machinery. We are dedicated to advancing agriculture in sales and services of agricultural machinery. Thanks to our expertise, the passion and commitment of our employees, le Centre Agricole helps businesses to improve their performance and profitability in a very family oriented environment. Guided by the strength of our people, our products and our technology, we consistently offer a superior customer experience.


To be the leader in the sale of machinery such as tractors, of equipment and in the service and parts sales for the agricultural services and retail sectors.


Four fundamental and complementary values guide management and employees, in small and large decisions, and in all operations:

  • Efficiency
  • Initiative
  • Teamwork
  • Respect

Efficiency generates results. Le Centre Agricole is an efficient company. In decisions as in operations.

Individual initiative contributes to the growth of an organization. At le Centre Agricole, everyone can share their ideas for improving performance, for ever greater efficiency.

Teamwork is essential for success. The person who is well supported by their colleagues has the confidence to show initiative.

Respect – to customers, colleagues, suppliers – is the basis of harmonious human relationships. It is the cornerstone of cooperation and the first step towards teamwork.

When respect, teamwork, initiative and efficiency are at the heart of a business process, the results are tangible.