The Axial-Flow 5140 is the combine harvester that helps you make your day-to-day work easier. Its construction, resistant and simple, allows you excellent yields and exceptional grain quality.

Its Fuel IH FPT 6.7 L engine allows you to save fuel without losing reliability and efficiency. You have more grain capacity with a 250-bushel (or 300-bushel optional) tank and a download rate of 2.5 bu / sec. The complete cleaning system with a maximum capacity of 7,947 square feet self-levels up to 12 percent each way. Vertical spreading provides optimal propagation width for headers up to 45 feet.

Its technologies allow you unparalleled precision. This includes the AFS Pro 700 with Variant Tracking to monitor field performance and control machine and guidance. With AFS Variety Tracking, you can also accurately record seed varieties, inputs and performance.

You will also be impressed by the comfort of the Axial-Flow 5140. The combine harvester is, in fact, equipped with one of the largest and quietest cabins on the market, and many options are available in order to work in pleasant conditions and increase your productivity: leather seats, portable electric refrigerator, etc.

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